When a customer asks for my services via my online booking form, I will not accept any responsibilities for problems occuring with extra baggage. I drive a Mercedes S212 E200 CDI station wagon and I can take in addition to 4 adults, a maximum of 4 "regular sized" suitcases, some additional soft smaller bags are also NO problem. Please state in your order, in addition to the anticipated number of passengers, all the baggage you intend to take with you so I can evaluate the space situation in my car in advance and send you a mail with a warning about that situation. The customer has no right to claim to be driven by myself in person or in the Mercedes S212 shown on the website. I also reserve for myself the right at any time and without any particular message to broker transportation-jobs to third party taxidrivers. (that can be either an “in-my-car-on-my-payroll-working-driver”, or one of my friendly taxi-mates with a compatible vehicle). I really try to drive every tour myself, but sometimes I have to send out other cars and/or drivers to do my job for various reasons that are actually out of my control... Prime target is to get you where you want/have to be at a certain time for a special price! But our in advance concerted and confirmed fares will be binding for both parties in all cases! I am always glad when I am able to manage to initiate a contact between you and one of my MiniBus driving workmates for a MiniBus taxi for 5-8 passengers. But I have no influence and no overview over the pricing of my friends, nor I am responsible for defects in the way of execution of these “brokered” contracts. I am not getting any money for this “brokerage”, all I do is passing your email-address along to a workmate with a MiniVan who will contact you then. Contractor and User's obligations By submitting the order form from my website plus the positive confirmation of your travel-wish from my part by e-mail a contract of transportation is being concluded between my taxi company and the users of the service of the online-order form.  Whenever the persons to be transported by me belong to a third party that did not use my online-booking-form-service themselves, these passenger and my taxi company also conclude a contract of transportation. The transported passenger respectively the user(s) of the online-order-form are liable for the payment of the fare (regardless whether it is a fixed price or a fare determined by the meter) In case its multiple passengers they share this liability! Please explicitely state the fact when the user of the online-booking-form will not be my passenger of the ordered taxi-journey in future! I reserve myself the right, in case that the person that ordered my taxi via the online form is not the person named there in the form, to enforce my claim against the owner of the IP-address that used this IP-address for sending the form out to my email-address. In this case I will identify the the owner of the IP-address via his provider and use these data for claiming my contractual and statutory damages. Final Provisions Deviating agreements of the actual forms have to be always confirmed by email ! Verbal and subsidiary agreements are only effective when these are confirmed by (e)mail-services. In case any of the above arrangements are ineffective due to legal restrictions, they shall be replaced by the lawful regulations. But the effectiveness of the contract of transportation and the remaining provisions shall never be affected! Law competent court of jurisdiction of these regulations is the City of Essen, Germany As of May 2013