General terms and conditions  - GTC -  (translation by googleÜbersetzer +  plus meGenius supervising ;-) Subject of my service On my website I offer my online-customers a convenient option to order a taxi online and to query for fares to their destination in german and english simply using the forms I provide on my website ( and finally submit their data to my taxicompany. My service of providing an order-form or a fare-query-form on a website and my service of transportation after a conclusion of contract of transportation with my taxi via Email are two different business-subjects. The use of my web pages, order-forms and price-request-forms is free of charge for the respective users. A binding contract of transportation will come into existence only through my positive confirmation of an online-application-form by email. The automatically created  “thank-you email” after sending an online order out by pushing the SEND-button is NEVER a conclusion of a contract of transportation. By sending the order form and my positive e-mail confirmation thereafter both parties (taxi-passenger and my taxi company) have then concluded a contract of transportation in return for payment, which has a service delivery of transport services as subject. Warranty and Liability I can only guarantee for the submitted schedules received with the online-forms that I have explicitly confirmed with an email. The automatically, after sending the form out, created “thank-you e-mail” is never an effective conclusion of a contract of transportation. I usually check and read my emails several times a day from various mobile devices in my cab. But since my company is an owner-operated business and I drive most of my customers myself I have no time at all to evaluate  and calculate all incoming requests down to the detail during the daytimes. I do usually answer all emails and requests after work at home at my computer and may then positively confirm these when I do have an overview of my schedule of the following day. In addition to the cases of force majeure (storms, floods and other severe weather plus sudden engine failure), I exclude liability for the desired pick-up time and  the consequential expected time of arrival at the destination of my online-customer for delays due to congestion and accidents from my side. Any specified timetables to destinations or driving times shall never be taken as generally binding, they should be taken as experience-based guidelines which are subject to fluctuations. If the web form user missed to specify a contact phone(mobile)number in his/her online order, or when this phone is either switched off or permanently occupied, and I therefore cannot inform my customer of some lack of transport facilities on my side or any other obstacle that prevents me from the delivery of the desired transport service through my taxi company, I cannot be held liable for any arising or resulting damage of this self-aroused insufficiency. My customer may cancel his ordered taxijourney at any time via phone. As long as no costs have accrued on my side I certainly wont try to charge you a penny, even when its a very late cancellation. In plain English:  As long as I have not started with my taxi to move in the direction of your pickup-address in order to fulfill the implied contract of transportation we had concluded by email you can cancel our pickup-date via phone anytime and everything is fine and were still friends. But in case I am already coming up your driveway or are already parking with costs at the airport to pick you up when that call comes I will charge you the fare we had negotiated.